Meet the Doctor

Sherry Benenhaley Rauch • DDS

A native of Columbia, SC, Dr. Rauch practiced on the Northeast side of town for the last two years as she enhanced her clinical skills in preparation for starting her own practice closer to home. During that time, Dr. Rauch earned the respect of the specialists, with whom she often worked to provide outstanding comprehensive oral care to her rapidly-growing patient base. Dr. Rauch's easy-going manner, attention to detail and sense of humor make for a dental experience new to most of her patients. She loves to educate her patients, because she believes knowledge and awareness are key to oral health.

Dr. Rauch received a mechanical engineering degree from Georgia Institute of Technology in 1992. She worked in the fields of air conditioning and automotive speaker manufacturing for eleven years before making the decision to return to school. Already living in Indiana at the time, Dr. Rauch attended Indiana University School of Dentistry where she graduated magna cum laude in May 2008. In order to offer the best possible care to her future patients, she completed an optional General Practice Residency program at Queen's Medical Center in Honolulu, Hawaii in June 2009.

After 22 years away, Dr. Rauch returned home to South Carolina in 2009. Her husband, Anthony Rauch is a Clemson Psychology graduate who works with adults with intellectual disabilities. They have a son Tristan who is learning all about life in middle school.

Dr. Rauch attributes her many blessings to her abundantly generous savior, Jesus Christ, and she and her family attend, worship and grow in their faith at East Lake Community Church in Irmo.